How the NSA makes us less safe

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Balance between Security and Privacy Myth

Many of you hear the NSA spying issue framed in the context of "Striking a balance between privacy and security". But this is a false characterization because it presumes that the NSA is increasing our security and making us safer. Not only is the NSA spying not making us more safe, it is in fact making us less safe. The NSA is creating new dangers to society and creating more vulnerabilities.

The Claim of Security

The NSA claims that the Boggie Man is out there and he's stalking you and your family, and if you don't let the NSA do what they want then terrorists are going to kill you and your family and blow up an atomic bomb in New York City. And you have to trust the NSA and not know anything they are up to. After all, they argue, if your dead what does privacy matter? Yeah, it looks a little unconstitutional but the NSA are spys and that's what spies do. If we don't let them break the law then how are they going to protect us? And you have to believe they are protecting us without proff or explanation because if they tell you how they are saving you then the Boogie Man will know and he'll get you.

That's their story. Are they right? No! So far there isn't a single instance where NSA spying has stopped a single incident.

A record of Failure

The NSA undermines Constitutional Government and Rule of Law

Hacking the Constitution

Secret Courts and Secret Law

NSA Spying hurts American Companies

US Companies Can't be Trusted

Intellectual property Losses

Forcing Companies to Lie

International Relations


One Stop Shopping for Criminals and Foreign Spies

Anyone who hacks the NSA hacks the world

Backdoor into Microsoft, Google, Apple (Prism Program)

Bribing NSA workers

Weakening RSA Security

Undermining freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press

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