How the NSA makes us less safe

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Balance between Security and Privacy Myth

Many of you hear the NSA spying issue framed in the context of "Striking a balance between privacy and security". But this is a false characterization because it presumes that the NSA is increasing our security and making us safer. Not only is the NSA spying not making us more safe, it is in fact making us less safe. The NSA is creating new dangers to society and creating more vulnerabilities.

The Claim of Security

The NSA claims that the Boggie Man is out there and he's stalking you and your family, and if you don't let the NSA do what they want then terrorists are going to kill you and your family and blow up an atomic bomb in New York City. And you have to trust the NSA and not know anything they are up to. After all, they argue, if your dead what does privacy matter? Yeah, it looks a little unconstitutional but the NSA are spys and that's what spies do. If we don't let them break the law then how are they going to protect us? And you have to believe they are protecting us without proff or explanation because if they tell you how they are saving you then the Boogie Man will know and he'll get you.

That's their story. Are they right?

A record of Failure

No! So far there isn't a single instance where NSA spying has stopped a single incident.

The NSA undermines Constitutional Government and Rule of Law

The text of the 4th amendment says:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

It doesn't take a lawyer or legal genius to understand that the 4th Amendment does not mean "Tap the phones of everyone in the world without a warrant.

Hacking the Constitution

So how is it possible that those in power can so blatantly defy the plain text of the Constitution? the Constitution is not a magic document with the power to enforce itself. The founding fathers did create a "checks and balances" system where any one of the 3 branches of government can put a stop to the other branches should someone misbehave.

However - if all three branches are in on it then the Constitution is effectively hacked. And if the main power players and political parties are in on it then it makes the undermining of the Constitution more effective. In this case the man conspirators are:

President Barack Obama
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel
Speaker of the House John Boehner
House minority Leader Nanvy Pelosi
Chief Justice John Roberts

Additionally the leadership of both parties are behind it as well. The Constitution is only as good as those who we put in positions of power to respect it. In this case the above mentioned people have undermined the Constitution and turned it into a mere prop to create the illusion of a government under rule of law. Under this system they can do whatever they want and just call it legal because they can. This is what is known as a banana republic.

Secret Courts and Secret Law

To undermine the Constitution they are using the FISA court. FISA stands for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act wich created a "secret court" where intelligence agencies like the CIA can be overseen so as not to violate the law too much and set up secret overseas torture camps like Abu Ghraib. The idea being that in an open court spies couldn't do their job. The FISA court is under the control of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts and he appoints all the judges on the court.

But when secret court are abused you can no longer enforce law and order. Why, you ask? That's because if you go into regular open constitutional courts the government comes in and shuts down the process claiming that the subject matter of the investigation is a "state secret" and that in allowing the case to continue secret stuff will be revealed. Therefore you're screwed.

NSA Spying hurts American Companies and our Economy

US Companies Can't be Trusted because Companies are required to lie

The NSA spying undermines trust in US controlled companies because at any time any company can get a secret court order telling them to give up information or tap anyone. And it's a federal crime not to comply. And it's a federal crime to even reveal to anyone - not even your lawyer - that you got such and order. Our government in the "land of the free" requires us under penalty of law to lie.

Intellectual property Losses

International Relations


One Stop Shopping for Criminals and Foreign Spies

Anyone who hacks the NSA hacks the world

Backdoor into Microsoft, Google, Apple (Prism Program)

Bribing NSA workers

Weakening RSA Security

Undermining freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press

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