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Possible Spam Abuse Report

Welcome to Junk Email Filter. You are here because you received one of our spam abuse notification messages. We send out these messages as a courtesy to alert admins, like yourself, about possible problems that you might not be aware of. Our intent is not to complain as much as it is to inform you of a possible problem that you might want to look into. Many people find this report useful and are able to fix virus infected computers, find out a customer was hacked, or be alerted that someone is abusing their system.

Sometime we get it wrong and if we do we want to know about it. It is somewhat of a bold move for us sending this automated report in that people can see when we screw up. However if we screw up we want to know that so we can fix it. Our goal is to get it right. We are all on the same team here. We're all trying to get rid of spam.

When you look at the abuse report note that some times we are alerting you because you are on some other list we use to block spam. An example is if your message contained a link that is a blacklisted link. If that is the case then there will be information in the message telling you where to go to get your link removed. That will not only fix your problem with us but also keep your email from bouncing from other systems that use the same blacklists that we do.

Contact: Marc Perkel at:

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